Help and advise for alcoholics — help and advise for alcoholics


How to Help an Alcoholic and Alcoholic Rehab Centers Part 1…. Alcohol Is not a disease Lab rats have been soaked for weeks with alcohol In 1960’s in America they said being gay was a disease Telling people your an alcoholic and you have a disease is the wrong thing to do! Rehabilitation Centers Singing songs in Rehab If someone offered you 8 months, time out from life, would you take it Don’t forget how bad it was! If you told the doctor you were putting arsenic in your body every week, he would tell you to Stop immediately. You have to do this for yourself Alcohol Health Trainer, I want to heal the world it’s like the Blind, leading the blind, it Takes a very strong adult to be a health trainer Feeling content I don’t Need support Health trainers/Alcohol workers hitting the bottle Admit to yourself you have an addiction, you don’t have to tel the world! We all have guilt about weather we should have, done this or we should have done that!…………

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